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January 1, 2008 - BBC Insurance Agency, Inc. Announces Easy Online Tools for Personal Financial Planning

Jacksonville, IL, January 1, 2008 BBC Insurance Agency, Inc., provider of financial planning and Insurance Services specializing in senior security for over 26 years, announced the available , useful, free online financial planning tools for local individuals and businesses simply visiting the website, and clicking on the Calculator tab, anyone can use dozens of calculators that will quickly give real life perspective on many financial issues.

"When someone can gain a perspective on their overall financial goals," says Drake, President, " they will more clearly see where gaps appear in their Insurance coverage. These free calculators are very easy to use, and provide instant reality check on many financial issues."

For example, in a matter of minutes, a person using the retirement savings calculator will find out how much he or she will need to save for retirement entering a few figures such as age, current income, current retirement savings and desired retirement age, a detailed chart and summary is instantly generated that shows how much money needs to be saved each year. This pre-retirement calculator will help determine how well the person has prepared, and what has to been done to improve his or her retirement outlook.

There are thirty-five different calculators to provide detailed figures on topics such as retirement, impact of inflation, loan amortization, lease vs. purchase, life insurance need, net worth, annuity tax advantages, and many other financial topics.